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Offline Mobile Data Collection

Less Double Data Entry

Take a Photo – Make a note. Merge the data automatically. No late night data entry and no double data entry. The GPS camera assures that all observations are geo-tagged.

Alignment of the operation

The full potential of DEDUCT Demining is obtained if it is not only seen as a reporting tool but as well as a operation management tool. Due to the easy access to the daily updated operational data focus on common goals are easy to obtain thereby improving productivity.

Trustability through Transparency

By focussing on the operation and enabling the Country level the data gets alive. Data that is used is more valid and has less errors. People rely on it. The easy access to timely data creates transparency even for external partners and donors. Transparency creates Trustability.

Visual and Fact based learning

Replace 2m stack of paper reports with one visual time-based video. Scroll through time, discover and dig into details by a simple click on the observation made. From verified leads in the NTS, to devices found in Technical Survey lanes and Fade-out areas during clearance. Share your experience with your colleagues. Enable remote accountability coaching. Apply your best resources to your biggest challenges.


More than just mobile data collection
Enable your team and focus on your goals

DEDUCT Demining consist of a Mobile Data Collection Tool, DEDUCT Observer or DEDUCT Pro, and a backoffice bidirectional synchronization af data, DEDUCT Cloud. The DEDUCT Cloud is both for downloading customized forms, icons, layers and maps as well as the synchronisation of observations and reports from the field. DEDUCT Observer is an offline map app designed to collect field data within Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA). The app is developed in close cooperation with representatives of the HMA community. The design has focus on built-in qualities especially important for Mine Action were bad data is worse than no data.

  • Photo centric

    Take a Photo, Make a note and share it. Automatic merge of photo, GPS and a data entry form of your choice.

  • OFFline Map and offline Dataaccess

    High Performance offline MapEngine for detailed maps and your own layers. Offline access to collected data from everywhere.

  • Customized forms and Layers

    Individual design made for your process by us. Send us your forms and we will configure them for you. Upload you own layers of information by simply uploading a KMZ file.

  • Resilient Accessiblity

    Secure Private Cloud Based File sharing gives accessibility to the data on all your devices anywhere and to whom you chose to share with.

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